About me:
I am Merel Wendt (1999), an illustrator and animator, currently based and studying in Groningen, the Netherlands.
I'm in my third year of the Illustration and Animation Design bachelor at Academy Minerva.
I like to explore the analogue way of image making.
You can often find me in the lithography workshop, screen printing in my room, painting skate decks, or drawing a lot of frames for an analogue made animation. 

I just finished organizing the Illustratie57 illustration festival and exhibition together with a group of fellow illustration students. 
Together with others, I took care of organising the seminars, and curating the exhibition.
The theme of this year's exhibition was "barricades". The event has taken place in October 2019 in Groningen.


  • 2017-now: Illustration and Animation Design, Academy Minerva Groningen

  • 2016-2017: Pre-course Art and Design, ArtEZ Zwolle

Exhibitions and projects:

  • 2019 Grafiek2019, Forma Aktua Groningen

  • 2019 Illustratie57, Groningen (curation and organising seminars)

  • 2019 Concerthuis Customized, Groningen

  • 2018 Cross Comix, Rotterdam (nominated for the student price)

  • 2018 Spread Zinefest, Het Resort Groningen

  • 2018 ARTistBOOK week, Groningen

  • 2018 Allie van Altena Farewell Exhibition, Groningen

  • 2018 Broken Words Festival, Groningen

Worked for: 

instagram: @wendtelteef


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